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FAQ's for Edge Interns Candidates

What is Edge Interns?

Edge Interns is a healthcare, technology, design and business mentorship & internship program. We work with high quality candidates and connect them with key companies who offer internships that often lead to permanent job placements.

How do I join?

We recruit mainly from our own membership network referral as well as from university and industry referrals. Talk to your network and see who is connect to Edge Interns and ask if they would be a referral for you to our program. However, you are encouraged to contact us if you have any questions about the program itself.

When are these internships?

​Most of the companies we work with are looking for someone to start within a month, so they can start anytime of the year.

How long do the internships last?

Our internships are normally three months long. Some are shorter, occasionally we will have longer projects. However, our mentorship support will be with you for as long as you want it.

Are these internships paid?
While we cannot promise you that every internship will be paid, we can promise you that we strive to make sure each internship is worth your time and that you will be introduced to new skills, responsibilities, work environments and missions within the professional fields of your interest. However, at the end of the three-month internship, if both the intern and the company wishes to continue working with each other, then the company must offer the intern either full time or part time employment position. 
Do the internships lead to job offers?

Most of our interns go on to secure part-time student internship jobs or full-time graduate jobs at the company where they have interned, and many gain employment elsewhere as a result of the extra experience. We average a 1:2 employment conversion rate.

What qualifications do I need for an Edge Internship?

Our internships are normally aimed at university students, recent graduates, and young professionals. We mainly exam your referrals, motivation, focus and assess what types of teamwork activities you have been involved with so far.

My question is still not answered.

If you still have a question the best thing to do is contact us directly at our contact page.

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