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More energy, more enthusiasm, more attention to detail, Edge Interns just generally improve the energy and excitement in the office.
Adam Bosworth
We have seen a lot of help with work that requires a smart and interested mind with organizational skills and then take a lot of information and synthesize it to make it useful.
Julie Murchinson
Health Evolution Summit
The edge interns' interest led them to learn a lot about technology... and to their assistance with projects developing infrastructure for enterprise innovations.
Yan Chow, MD MBA
Former Medical Director
IAT Kaiser Permanente
The Edge Intern program is a warm and genuine approach to developing tomorrow's leaders. I've worked with Francis and his team on a few high profile projects. With little guidance and incredible time constraints - the results were astounding.
James Matthews
DLabs at the Indian School of Business
The edge interns have been diligent and turned their hand to many different tasks in marketing, writing, and sales support, and has also been a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to have around.
Matthew Holt
Health 2.0
it is not often that I come across such extraordinary, well organized, and comprehensive internship programs such as Edge Interns. At the University of San Francisco, we have had the pleasure of a long-term collaboration with Dr. Francis Kong. 
Laleh Shahideh, Ed.D.
Associate Vice Provost and Dean University of San Francisco
With the help of Edge Interns, we have been able to bring in qualified summer interns to Multispan. We will certain continue the program in the future and highly recommend Edge Interns to other organizations.
Helena Mancebo, PhD
CEO & President
Multispan, Inc.
Love the service Edge is providing. My edge intern is out of this world. Thanks Francis!
Patricia Salber, MD, MBA
Founder & CEO
The Doctor Weighs In
Thank you Edge Interns from the Healthtech Conference. We appreciate the interns as social media persons and they proved to be very professional individuals.
Wasim Khan
HealthTech Next Gen
Arrod (our edge intern) is doing such a great job! He's so efficient and responsible. Thank you for matching us!
Satasuk Joy Bhosai, MD MPH
Founder & CEO

Candidate Members

Dr. Francis Kong is the greatest mentor I have ever encountered, and the amazing community he has created is a testament to his profound and positive impact in the lives of others.
Emma Marriott
Computer Science
Stanford University 2017
I thank you Francis for guiding me through so many challenges within the last year and becoming a good friend who continues to inspire me to be the best I can be. I look forward to the day I can do the same for someone else.
Jenn Chung
President, Forever Beaumore Cosmetics
San Francisco State University
Having Francis in my life has been the biggest blessing and now I feel as if I can accomplish any dream or goal of mine! I do not know anyone as passionate or kind or as supportive as Francis who has made it his life goal and mission to help others find their dreams and achieve it.
Maggie Schoenhotz
UC Berkeley 2017
Because of Francis, I feel like I can achieve so much in life — following in his footsteps, do more to help others, build my dream career, and to achieve my professional and personal potential.
Steven Chan, MD MBA
Clinical Informatics & Digital Health
Everyone has a dream, and Francis is a man who will sit down with you and do what few people do these days; listen. Then Francis takes it a step beyond and helps you turn those dreams into reality.
Tatiana Reger
University of San Francisco
Class of 2017
Not only did Francis introduce me to an incredible and truly inspirational group of peers through Edge Interns, he helped me find alignment between several of my life goals and passions, and helped me secure an amazing job in a non-traditional field.
Dong Yao
Mount Sinai Medical School
Class of 2019
UC Berkeley
Francis is the ONE person in my college career who has motivated me to never give up on my passion, never to settle for less, and to always focus on becoming the best I can be.
Sophie Park
Global Digital Health
Bayer, Inc.
UC Berkeley
Francis has instilled in me the faith that I can do anything I set my mind to and the determination to never stop trying. If there is one person you need to help you grow and succeed, it is Francis.
Dominique McGowan
Product Specialist
Francis has instilled in me the faith that I can do anything I set my mind to and the determination to never stop trying. If there is one person you need to help you grow and succeed, it is Francis.
Dominique McGowan
Product Specialist
UC Berkeley
Francis is a gifted mentor who enables each student to realize their immense potential, ignite their motivation from deep within, and drive long term success. In addition, the Edge Interns program introduced me to a vast network of accomplished students and professionals from a span of industries. 
Stephanie Wong
Implementation Engineer
A year ago I made the decision to move from Texas to San Francisco to pursue my passion for design and health tech, and I haven't looked back since. Some of my closest friends have come from Edge and I wouldn't be where I am today without the Edge Network and Francis’s help as a mentor.
Evan Pun
Product Manager
St. Edward's University
Francis has always been there to motivate me to become the best version of myself and to give me the courage to pursue my dreams. I have gained an amazing coach, life mentor, and close friend.
Jeni Nguyen
Senior Operations Analyst
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
University of South Carolina
Thank you again for the huge makeover you gave my resume, and also for all your insightful career advice! Your mentorship helped me land my dream job.
Kim Huynh
Market Research and Publications
Tribe Dynamics
Stanford University
Francis is the epitome of what a mentor should be towards his/her mentee- passionate, resourceful and motivating. In just three months, he has truly been a positive influence in my life and I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for him.
Pamela Gail Lagera
UC Berkeley
Class of 2016
When I first met Francis, I was skeptical. I remember thinking “Why does this man want to help me or any other person so much? What’s in it for him?” Now I realize; Nothing. Francis has made it his life mission to help others achieve their dreams because he believes every individual has potential.
Elaine Sung
Business Operations Analyst
San Francisco State University
Francis encourages you to discover your own life lessons and principles to live by. He takes deep genuine interest in your personal struggles and channels your strengths to help you achieve your goals.
Jae Ryoo
Product Manager
UC Berkeley
Francis is incredibly caring and compassionate, and his investment in the wellbeing of others is truly one of a kind. I am grateful for his warmth and support.
Susan Wang
Yale University
Class of 2018
From the moment I met Francis, he immediately showed me that he had a genuine care and interest in helping me achieve my personal and professional goals.
Christine Alabastro
Assistant Account Executive
UC San Diego
Francis is someone who put others before himself, and I can never thank him enough for all that he has done for us.
Luu Pham
Assistant Researcher
UC Berkeley
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