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About Francis Kong, MD

Talent Development

For over a decade, Francis Kong has balanced between the worlds of healthcare, technology and collegiate mentorship. His path in healthcare tech strategy evolved from his passion for technology, business, and medicine. His roads to university mentorship development came from the desire to impact and motivate college students due to his own personal experiences with college mentors. What began as two distinct focuses have transformed into one unified vision; to engage through mentorship with only the best and brightest college students interested in healthcare, technology, and business and then linking them with the most compatible opportunities within firms looking for quality hires.


Healthcare Business & Tech Strategist

Francis has served as the lead strategic consultant at one of the largest Catholic healthcare providers in the nation, Christus Health, to guide their innovation ideas of technology and business. He has worked closely with CEO and Innovation Officers to strategically coordinate seminars and recruitment of other industry authorities into key meetings. He has presented at both the California Medical Association and the White House Panel for Health Information Technology Advisory on the importance of connecting and engaging with medical students. He is also one of the founders of MedSimple, a medical application development company that has also served as a consulting service for biotech and pharmaceutical companies such as Intermune.


Award-Winning Mentor

As a founding member of EdgeOnCollege, Francis helped shape and design the foundation of what would become a national university-level online mentorship program. He has developed business relationships with schools from Hawaii to Virginia and also personally participated as a mentor in each of the college programs. To this day, Francis has worked with thousands of students ranging from a multitude of majors and interests across the nation. In 2004, Francis received the UC Berkeley Mentor of the Year Award for his dedication to hundreds of students he has mentored from his Alma mater.


National Speaker

In addition to his work in healthcare, technology and mentorship development, Francis has served as a motivational and inspirational speaker at many universities and programs around the country, including the Miss Asian Global Pageant network, Imagine Talks, and at the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies events. He was the 2012 Keynote Speaker at the California State PBL – Future Business Leaders conference and was voted the most popular workshop at the 2012 Young Leaders of America Conference at Stanford University, beating out workshops formed by Google and Facebook.


Game Designer

Francis has helped developed games with social impact components. In 2010, Francis was the concept art director and game rule developer for the Healing Blade, a card battle game designed to teach medical students infectious disease and therapies. This game made its debut at the American Medical Student Association conference in LA and was later reviewed by the Wall Street Journal. In 2009, Francis had brought together the team that would create a statewide online game in Louisiana to help diagnose, educate, and treat diabetic patients in the Mission2EndDiabetes project.

Francis in action:

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