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How It Works


1. You send in details of your intern position requirements. 

2. We then send you a screened and qualified list of the most relevant candidates. 

3. You decide which candidates you like to interview.

4. We then make the introduction for you to set up the interview.

5. The candidate(s) are chosen and the internship is arranged.
1. To onboard an intern for a standard 3-month internship = $500/month. 

2. If you decide to hire your intern after the 3-month internship = 12.5% of their first year's salary. 

3. Should you wish to hire your intern on a part-time basis = $300/month. 

4. If you wish to hire an intern without the 3-month internship = 15% of their first year's salary. 

5. For more information please see our Terms & Agreements
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